Improve Your Home’s Look And Condition With Roof Cleaning Services

There are numerous instances where a roof cleaning in Perth service has been called upon in the winter months to undertake roof cleaning and maintenance work. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the seasonal weather changes, but this does not mean that you have to accept roof damage any more than you have to. Taking action as early as possible to prevent damage, such as leaks and damaged flashings, is essential to preventing further problems.

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Ice dams are often patches of ice that form on the roof of a house in the winter months. This can often form due to not properly cleaning off your roof after a strong storm or snowfall and/or after heavy snowfall. What happens is that the melt water that melts on the roofs is usually full of organic materials such as lichens, moss, pine cones etcetera. The moisture that collects on top of the roofs may then start to oxidize and grow moss, which will then cause the white streaks of algae that you see forming. As the moss and algae continue to grow, so too will the dark spots of discoloration from the lichens and moss.

Winter damages caused by debris and weather conditions can last for years if not attended to quickly. Even if you remove all debris and clean your roof on a regular basis, the damage caused by the debris and weather conditions may still not be fully removed. In fact, many times debris, such as fallen trees, roof repair shingles, ice dams and algae growth will leave stains that are still there in places you cannot readily reach. These stains may contain toxins that can affect your health and environment and so require a thorough clean by trained professionals. When you contact Roof Cleaning services in the UK to help with your roof repair needs, they will perform an inspection and clean the debris and stains thoroughly, then provide additional support as needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

Roof Cleaning services use a high quality green roof cleaning solution that can help prevent algae growth and stains from appearing on your roof. A specially formulated solution containing VOC’s, which means Volatile Organic Compounds, helps to break down organic matter. As a result, algae growth is prevented and the colors of the shingles or tiles stay bright, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their roofing materials. In addition, because VOC’s do not contain chlorine, they are safe for the environment and the occupants of a home. Roof Cleaning services use their Green Roof Cleaning Solution to power a high-pressure washer that removes all loose debris and moss along with the dirt, grit and snow that accumulate on the roof. After the shingles or tiles are washed down, the solution dries, leaving a streak-free shine on the roof.

When homeowners have severe damage, such as missing shingles or a severely damaged roof, they often cannot afford a full roof repair job. However, there are many options available when homeowners need roof cleaning services, including simple solutions like power washing & resealing. Power washing can improve the appearance and condition of a roof by removing debris and stains that cannot be removed with power washing. It can also help prevent future damage. When homeowners have damage on more than one side of a home, they may want to contact a company that offers a comprehensive solution, which may include a sealer and primer that can help to repair and prevent future damage.

Another common problem is lichen growth on a roof, which can form if too much sunlight or moisture collects on the roof. Lichen growth will fade the colors on your walls, ceilings, and windows, so it is important to take care of this problem before it becomes more expensive to remedy. Roof Cleaning services can remove algae and lichens form a roof, reduce damage caused by excess moisture and sun, and remove potential allergens from the air. When you choose a service that offers a comprehensive solution to these problems, you will be protecting your investment and increasing its lifespan.