Benefits of Using Padded Mailer

DescriptionA padded envelope, also called a cushioned or padded jiffy mailer or bag, is typically an inexpensive envelope adding protection to fragile items during delivery. Typically, the padding is typically heavy-duty vinyl, foam, or even bubble wrap. Padded Mailer are used for shipping fragile items such as jewelry, and personal computers.

There are many benefits to using padded mailers, including protection. Because the padded mailers allow for added protection to fragile items, the padded mailer has been shown to be better for your business as well as for the environment. When a company sends out thousands of packages in one year, they can use padded mailers to ensure that their packages are well-protected and that they will get better packages through more services from businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using padded mailers for your business.

Protection. One of the greatest benefits of padded mailers is that the padding adds extra protection for your items. If you have heavy items that need to be sent through the post office, using water-activated tape on the outside of the box is a great way to prevent damage to your packages. Padded mailers to protect against things like breakage and damages due to water, and breakage due to hot air and light can destroy your fragile items.

Better Packaging. Because padded mailers offer extra protection for fragile items, they are often used to prevent breakage in shipping. Padded packages are not as likely to break, especially if the padding is applied to both the top and bottom of the box. Also, padded envelopes are thicker, so heavier items will be cushioned better.

Improved Bubble Wrap. When applying the padding inside the mailers, make sure it’s heavy enough not to become too tiring to use. Padded mailers with bubble wrap have proven to help prevent bubble wrap from breaking or becoming weakened by high heat. Padding with water-activated or foam inserts to help keep the bubble wrap firm and doesn’t easily crumble either.

Reduced Costs. Using padded envelopes is much cheaper than using regular cardboard ones. They also take less space than bulky rigid foam or wood packing. In addition to these obvious benefits, padded mailers also save you money because you don’t have to purchase expensive bubble wraps to go along with your padded envelopes. All in all, the reduced costs make using padded envelopes the best way to ship your goods.