A Guide To Choosing The Best Floor Sanding Machine

The job of a floor sanding machine is to polish, finish and clean floors to improve their appearance. It is also used to provide traction and reduce the risk of accidents on the floor. Floor Sanders is often used for this purpose but there is a lot of variation in the quality and features among the various models. It is therefore necessary to do some research to find out the most appropriate one that will meet your requirements. Sanding is usually done for the floors of entrances, bedrooms, hallway and kitchen areas and is usually accompanied by a couple of applications of varnish.

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There are three types of Sanders available in the market including the cordless, powered and belt-drive. A cordless sander has no external motor and requires an extension cord to work. In other words, it can only achieve power up to one and a half amperes. If you are looking for the best floor sanding machine for use on hard floors, then this is not the sander for you. However, if you want to finish domestic and some industrial floors, then this might be the right choice.

A belt sander is powered by a continuous belt that runs along the drum. This makes it ideal for use on floors where the motion is constant. The best floor sanding machine for this purpose has a continuous and even rubbing action. It is however quite heavy and needs to be held with both hands. This model of sander is less powerful than the other models and also causes a lot of noise.

Wood floor sanding machines have gained in popularity over the years as they are the best for use on floors made from wood. They are also the best choice for use on unfinished wood floors. A chisel is used to do the job. The best floor sanding machine for this purpose is the drum sander that comes equipped with a blade that is rotating. This action smoothens the floor and eliminates the need for any grinding.

For finishing wooden floors the drum machine is again the best choice. It comes equipped with a blade that can be oscillating which cuts the wood to the fine finish needed. It is however important to ensure that the drum is well oiled before using it. If not, the result can be disastrous; such a machine is only ideal for use on wooden floors that are not very expensive.

Other models include the table top and the corner sander. The table top model is designed to sand tiles and other flat surfaces. It comes equipped with either a blade or a serrated edge. The most recent model to incorporate a serrated edge does not need any oil for lubrication and this is ideal for use on floors of all types. Corner sanding machines are generally small, portable and affordable and offer the best finish for any type of floor.